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 PowerBuilder Links 

Powersoft Links Description
Team Powersoft The TeamPowersoft Homepage with links to all available TeamPS member homepages
The Powersoft Homepage Always very interesting and main entry point for all the powersoft & related stuff
Powersoft's Download Page The PowerSoft main DownLoad page.
Online Documentation The main entry point for all PB documentation
Support Pages Links to the new Sybase TechSupport pages.
PB User Homepages  Description
Breck Carter's Homepage Breck Carter's PB HomePage with all kinds of very interesting Tips & Tricks. Breck Carter is an original member of TeamPowersoft, has great humor and his page is a 'must read'!
Ken Howe's Homepage PowerBuilder Tips Web site. Lots of tips.
Ashok Ramachandran's Homepage Nice PB HomePage with lot's of info for PB Newbies
The PFC Guide Boris Gasin's PFC Guide page. A must read for PFC users!
The PFC Cheat Sheet Sharon Buntz PFC Cheat Sheets. Must read for PFC users!
PB Professional Related Description
Pure Power Pure Power. Lot of links and related info.
Riverton Riverton's Open Tool for PowerBuilder, called HOW!
BusinessSoft BusinessSoft's ObjectComposer
Visual Components Visual Components' Visual Components
Catalyst Development Corporation Socket OCX/VBX for use with PowerBuilder
CentraSoft PowerBuilder utilities
MetaMorph Technologies MetaMorph Technologies, in conjunction with Sybase, have developed a 100% automated conversion tool called PowerMorph, which provides a rapid, economical and risk-free conversion solution from Oracle SQL*Forms 3.0 to PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder Mailing Lists

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Where Description
PowerBuilder E-mail List Service PowerSoft Newsletter brings you information about fixes, updates etc.
Sybase I-news Sybase Newsletter concering Sybase products
C|net download & shareware Stay up to date with all kinds of information concerning shareware & freeware
Microsoft WinNews News about Windows products. Send Internet e-mail to and type subscribe winnews

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