Speeding up creating/maintaining datawindows

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Author: Eric Aling

Keyboard control

A lot of people don't know this but you can do a lot with your keyboard in the datawindow painter. Actually, it's all in the menu of the datawindow painter: Edit | Select. For instance, to select all objects, I often see people use the mouse, drawing a rectangle on all the objects or use the CTRL key to select more objects. With the keyboard, you only have to do CTRL+'A'. If you do a lot of datawindow design (or redesign), check out this menu items and learn the according control key combinations by heart. This will save you a lot of time. To be complete, here they are:

What Key
Select All
Select Above
Select Below
Select Left
Select Right
CTRL + 'A'
CTRL + 'UpArrow'
CTRL + 'DownArrow'
CTRL + 'LeftArrow'
CTRL + 'RightArrow'

Customizing the menu

You can also customize the menu so shortcut keys can be used for tasks that are executed often for instance, left align selected columns. PB5 offers you a lot of toolbar buttons to do this from the painter toolbar with functionality from itself but PB4 doesn't. You have to do this yourself. So, with PB4, right mouse click on the datawindow painter for poping up the customize dialog box. Add a button by dragging a *custom* toolbar button to the current toolbar. As commandline code: @edit.14.1, which means, from the edit menu, item 14 of the next level ( = align ), item 1 of the next level ( = align left ). This will save you an extra mouseclick. The less, the better.

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