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PFC Datawindow SetRowFocusIndicator service (21 jul 1997)

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Author: Eric Aling
Download: Download (, 5 Kb )

The n_cst_dwrowfocusindicator service. This is my first small datawindow service. It can be used to specify a picture to be the rowfocusindicator, without the need of having a picturecontrol.

To use within u_dw, declare an instance variable:

n_cst_dwnsrv_rowfocusindicator inv_rfi

Then, declare an object function:

integer of_setrowfocusindicator( ab_switch boolean )
if ab_switch then
	inv_rfi = create n_cst_dwnsrv_rowfocusindicator
	if isvalid(inv_rfi) then
		Destroy inv_rfi
	end if
end if
return 1


In the Destructor event of u_dw code:



How to use this service with an u_dw datawindow control.In the constructor event code:

// Enable the rowfocusindicator


// Use one of these three methods to initialize the service


// use default size of picture and place at (0,0)



// use size of 16 by 16 pixels and place at (0,0)



// use size of 16 by 16 pixels and place at (5,20)



// Start or stop the service


This u_dw is also included in the services.pbl ( watch out if you have modified your own u_dw !! )

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